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( Mar. 1st, 2009 07:59 pm)
So I get into to work today to find that all of the Oxygen had been used up on one person. Almost hard to believe, but true. So I had to go to another facility to get more. Except while I was out getting the O2 a doctor I'd put a call out to called back. Now before I left I mentioned to another nurse where I was going and told her that I'd put the call out. And I know she knew what I wanted from him because we'd spent half the morning report talking about how one of our residents was in desperate need of a DNR order. I found out when I got back that the doctor had called back and asked for me and that the nurse I talked to had said that she didn't know where I was or what I wanted from him. What the hell? And I spent the entire rest of the day trying to get him to call me back.

Then we got an admission. Then someone fell. So yeah. Pretty crappy day. I so can't wait for Escapade.


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