So when I picked up the bottle of certified organic 100% cranberry juice in the natural foods aisle at the grocery store, I failed to notice the word "unsweetened" at the bottom. That was a bit of a surprise. Though now that I've added a bit of sugar to it it's much better than any other cranberry juice I've ever bought from a store (which I've always felt was too sweet).

Aren't you all glad you know that?

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I always specifically look for fruit-juice sweetened cranberry juice--usually apple or pear or grape or something, I think. It's not like a juice blend because it only tastes of cranberry, and there's just enough of the other juice to sweeten it the right amount. Very good if you can find it, but it's tough to find anything but corn syrup-sweetened stuff at most regular grocery stores. Unsweetened, though, whoah! Yeah, that would not be...drinkable. *g*

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You could mix it with apple juice. Cranapple is my favorite juice, I think. Perfectly sweet and tart at the same time!

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It is actually kinda interesting. Totally unsweetened? Goodness. And I've bought 100% organic cranberry juice. It was sweetened?



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