Derek Hartley on the GLAAD awards.

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This was very well said. It reminds me of a rant I had after, I think it was Advocate put "Battlestar Galactica" on the cover a couple years ago... I was/am like why... what had/has Battlestar done to deserve that? And yes, I know they had a character come 'out' in webisodes that were never even mentioned in the series as a whole... wasn't there someone else/something else much more deserving of that cover? I mean, don't get me wrong, Jamie Bambar is smokin' hot and was a really really nice guy when I met him at MegaCon a couple years ago... but really? Cover?

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Excellent read and so very true, unfortunately. The fight for marriage equality on the coasts has in part helped to delude a lot of us into forgetting that there are gay people in this country literally fighting for their lives simply because they're gay.
Thanks for sharing this.
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It's well written, thanks for sharing.

This stuff makes me angry, and I've been bitching about it for years. The gay community at large doesn't care, they just love celebrity. I remember being offended when Bob Paris and Rod Jackson went public with their relationship and went on a self-promotional world tour. They wanted to set themselves up as role models for the Gay community. Really, a body builder and a model, my role models? LOL

I dislike the respect John Barrowman gets for being an out actor. He only recently came out, avoiding the topic for years, even when actively pursued by gay gossip sites. There was a lot of speculation, but he would never confirm the rumors.

Greg Louganis only came out when his career was over and he needed to make money off the gay community; writing a book and going on a tour. I seem to remember him being lauded at the time as well.

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I read it.

He is very angry, huh?

I wonder if his rant will change anything?

I mean, I know that I change when people are angry and tell at me and insult me...

Even when they have something important to say. Sometimes VERY important.

I don't know what I want to say.... I am curious what you thought.

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I think he's pretty much right about everything he's saying. I don't think he's going to change anyone's mind, but neither do I think that was his intent. I think, as a community that we tend not to pay attention to the important things. I think, and I've been saying for years, that GLAAD and the gay press are focussing entirely in the wrong direction. It's exactly like he said; The media outlets that should be on the forefront of gay issues have never once covered an issue important to me until after it garnered a critical mass of attention in the straight media. I too wonder why it took Brad Pitt making a high profile donation to 'No on 8' before the likes of Ellen and Rosie and TR Knight ponied up. I wonder why all the gay media outlets at the GLAAD awards were falling all over themselves to talk to Tyra Banks, but didn't have time for the producers of an incredibly well done radio documentary about the legacy of Matthew Shepard (which btw, can be downloaded here). I think we all need to be more angry.


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