I go offline for one freaking day and amazon.com pulls some major fucking shit with us. Well, I've already sent my letter to the customer service department, and the google bomb seems to have worked already, but I'll still add my voice in protest. Amazon Rank.

ETA: I also sent a letter to Tim Curran, the director of OutQ news at Sirius/XM radio asking him to look into it.

From: [identity profile] kc-risenphoenix.livejournal.com

Yes, I've posted about this as well, sent and email to CS and signed the petition (see my post).

This sucks ass.

From: [identity profile] closetcase-99.livejournal.com

Yeah wtf is that shit? LAME.
how the fuck did they think they could pull this shit off? I have an amazon credit card but I'll cancel my service if they're gonna be pulling this shit...I'm not supporting any homophobic company

From: [identity profile] qafaddiction.livejournal.com

I've seen this on my flist a few times, but no one seems to know whether this issue is affecting Amazon.ca (the Canadian site) in the same way. I know that one of the books that has been removed on .com is still ranked on .ca, but maybe that's just one exception? This is troubling news. Hope we get more answers soon.


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