I went to see Cirque du Soleil: Kooza with Doug yesterday. It was spectacular.

My two favorite acts:

The Wheel of Death:

and the tight rope

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Very cool! I saw it last year, and it was probably my favourite Cirque show ever (I've seen most of them). I loved that wheel. I wanted to get up there and try it out! (although I'd probably stay inside the thing, LOL).

I have tickets to the new show "Ovo" (about the world of insects) this summer in Montreal. It wasn't even named when we bought them, and I'm not crazy about the premise, but I think the costuming will be so amazing I'll forget that I'm actually watching a show about bugs. LOL

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They've got some clips from Ovo on their website. The costumes look fantastic. I'll definitely make a point to see it when it comes down this way. I also want to see Wintuk when it comes back this winter.


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