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([personal profile] brak666 May. 1st, 2009 07:00 pm)
So last night was a Dining Out for Life night in the Lehigh Valley. Doug and I went to the Allentown Brew Works. Check the website and see if there are events in your area. It's a great way to spend an evening.

Later that night we were hanging out at my house and Doug was complaining about how he had to get up early today. OMG! 10am. I told him I'd be thinking of him and the hardship he'd have to endure while I was getting ready for work at 5:45.

I entered a contest on the sirius/xm website for a trip to Las Vegas with Derek Hartley this weekend. I did not win, so instead I'm going with my father to a lecture on Gerardian philosophy, the resurrection, and movies. I'm not sure what it's all about, but I get to meet all my father's hippie college professor friends. I think he's actually a little nervous about introducing me to them. He keeps asking me what I'm going to wear and he moved Heaven and Earth to get me an appointment for a hair cut today. I'm fairly certain he talked to the barber about what he wanted done to my hair. The dude shaved my neck. He's never done that before (though I have to say, it was oddly relaxing).

I'm very happy to be off this weekend. I think I know why nurses snap and kill their patients. The noise really gets to you after a while.

So, a while back I started re-reading some of the Pern books in an attempt to formulate a panel topic for Eastern Media Con. Well, now EMC isn't happening and I'm not really sure if the panel idea would be appropriate for any of the other cons I attend. I still want to have the discussion though. I'm still reading the books, though I imagine my interest will peter out somewhere around 'Moreta' like it usually does, but I'm enjoying revisiting them despite the mysogyny and dubiously consensual sex. I'd really enjoy getting a bunch of people together to read the books in order and discuss as we go. I don't really have any idea how to do that though.

Playbill is reporting that Tyler Hanes will be in an upcoming production of 'The Drowsy Chaperone' in Maine this August. I imagine he'll be playing Robert since it's the only role he's appropriate for. I'm thinking I'll drive up to Boston and spend the night then up to Portland (which google maps tells me is about 30 minutes from Brunswick where the show is), spend two nights there, see the show and tour the city, then up to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park (which is so often overlooked). I was up there on vacation with my family when I was 18 and I really have been wanting to go back. And I figure if I work it into a week-long vacation then driving up to Maine to see Tyler in a play won't feel quite so stalkerish in my head. If anyone would like to get in on this trip with me, I would not be averse to having a traveling companion.

Finally figured out what to get mom for Mother's Day. I'm taking her to see South Pacific at Lincoln Center. I may also send her flowers since I have to work that day.

I bought season one of The Golden Girls the other day and have been enjoying it muchly.

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Misogyny? In a series of books where almost all the major protagonists are women? Hmm... we may need to chat about this... I mean there are definitely some aspects of it in the Weyr/Hold/Hall culture, but the books seemed always to me to be about those people breaking with those thoughts. I mean, OK, the rutting dragons taking the control of the sex away seems a bit misogynistic, but...

Tyler seems like he might be too young for the role of Robert, though I guess that depends on the relative ages of the rest of the cast...

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It's true that the books deal with mostly strong women many of whom are breaking barriers for women in their society. But the society itself is horribly patriarchal. That doesn't bother me so much as the fact that we have canon evidence that it didn't start out that way. It doesn't really speak well for humanity in that universe.

Tyler seems like he might be too young for the role of Robert, though I guess that depends on the relative ages of the rest of the cast...

He's 26. He's not really old enough to play anyone else though I suppose he could be in the chorus. Though it seems a long way to travel for chorus work when he spent the winter playing leads in regional productions. Whatever though. I'm actually getting excited about the idea of this trip. I really have been wanting to go back to Maine for a while.


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