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( Mar. 21st, 2008 06:38 pm)
Well, it's probably too short to really be called fic. It's Dante's Cove. Sort of, my take on Adam's mindset prior to the beginning of season 3.

Willing to Wait by Brak )
This is all [ profile] minotaurs fault. I was perfectly content to have season two sitting on my dvd rack and walk passed it every once in a while and think 'gee, I should watch that some day'. Then he had to go and say "So, you want to go upstairs and watch Dante's Cove?" at Escapade and I had to say "Yes". And now I'm obsessed. Seriously. This show has eaten my brain. Heaven help me, I'm even listening to the podcast.
Wow. It actually got a little bit better towards the end there. Don't get me wrong. It was still pretty bad. But it seemed like they were at least trying for a story there at the end.

But oh, what a cruel cliffhanger! Now that the writers strike is over they'd better get cracking on season 4.

ETA: A pic of Toby and Adam because they're hot and I love them together. )
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( Mar. 13th, 2008 08:18 pm)
So, at Escapade [ profile] minotaurs was pimping Dante's Cove. Not that I really needed to be pimped. I'd already seen the first season and totally enjoyed the pure, unadulterated badness of it. In fact, I already own season two on DVD. I was just waiting to be in the right mood. Well, [ profile] minotaurs and I watched an episode while I was in California, so I was pretty in the mood when I got home. So I watched the rest of it. And I'm so filled with love for the horrible horrible bad horrible-ness of it. I actually managed to find torrents for season three and am downloading right now. Ep.2 is 97% and will hopefully be complete within the hour. I watched ep.1 after work today and Holy Cats, I didn't think it could get any worse, but boy did it ever! And now I squee. spoilage )

Ooo! In the time it took to write this post it's up to 99.7% complete!

In a completely unrelated note, I really need to look more carefully when I'm buying Chef Boyardee ravioli. There's just something not right about the overstuffed variety. You'd think adding more meat would make it that much better. You'd be very, very wrong.


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