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( Feb. 18th, 2007 09:36 pm)
Back from Farpoint. Had a great time. Got to see lots of friends. Some I haven't seen in a long time. The trip down was hellish. Mapquest gave me crappy directions. It had me go down to Maryland on this crappy two-lane road that goes through every podunk town in Pennsylvania and apparently also comes to a standstill every afternoon. Or at least on Friday afternoons. Seriously. It took me over two hours to go the first fifty miles and I didn't actually get to [ profile] natlyn's until almost 8. Anyway, we only got memberships for Saturday. I'm told people generally don't go to Farpoint for the panels. I only went to one. The GLBT in fandom panel. Or as I like to call it, the whiny gay people panel. I signed up for the mailing list even though they were kind of annoying. They're trying to get gay fen organized so that they have a bigger presence at cons. I'm all for that. I figure I can work on the whininess after they actually get organized. Baby steps. I did get to meet James Cawley from New Voyages. He was there promoting their upcoming episode. He's cuter in person. And shorter than I thought.

[ profile] lanchid and I were going to see Peter David, but we ran into [ profile] slashmommy and her kids and I think it's been more than a year since I saw them last, so I decided to stick with them. We did go see Ron Glass though. I got him to sign my Firefly DVDs too (two down, seven to go).

After I got my autograph we went out for a fannish dinner then [ profile] natlyn and I checked into our hotel while [ profile] lanchid took Gail home. [ profile] natlyn and I watched The Sarah Jane Adventures while we waited (and waited and waited) for [ profile] lanchid. Our original plan was to watch Clerks II, but it was so late when [ profile] lanchid finally got there that we just hung out and talked for a while. [ profile] lanchid was gushing about Rome and I finally got her to listen to some of The Drowsy Chaperone. We watched Clerks II in the morning instead. Good movie.

Then we went back to the con hotel for a last run through the dealers' room. I got some cool stuff. I got some bootleg DVDs (Birds of Prey and all the Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane episodes), I got a pendant of the Heroes symbol. I also got the Hallmark DS9 ornament, which is huge and will make an excellant topper for my fannish Christmas tree if I can figure out how to secure it. I found a great ornament in the art room too. It's a clear glass ball with sparkly stars inside and the Star Trek emblem on it. I bought a TOS style blue starfleet shirt too, but it didn't fit right. I blame the manufacturer. I know the TOS uniforms are supposed to be snug, but common sense should dictate that when you're buying something in 2X you're probably not looking for snug. The dealer gave me his card and I'll probably order one from him.

Spent the rest of the day with [ profile] natlyn and [ profile] lanchid until it was finally time for me to go home.


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