My early thoughts on the new season.


Chuck-I've only seen the first episode so far. For some reason we have it set up to record the repeats on USA and Sci-Fi rather than the first airing on NBC. Except there's no reason for us to do that. The first episode was good, but I'm not sure it'll hold my attention.

Heroes-My biggest problem with Heroes is that I've always wanted more. They're doling it out to me in one hour increments and it's just not enough. They've managed to make Matt at least slightly interesting this season, so that's good. I'm really enjoying Claire's storyline except for the whole thing with the kid who's stalking her. The Maya & Alejandro story needs to pick up the pace a bit. I know Heroes is known for its, shall we say...deliberate pace. But honestly, the biggest problem with the Nikki story last year was that she was seperate from the main action of the show for so long. And these two aren't nearly as interesting as Nikki was.


Reaper-It was cuter, funnier, and way more tolerable than I thought it would be. I'm willing to see where it goes.

Boston Legal-I really love this show. I have since the moment I saw it. Alan and Denny are both amazing characters who share a beautiful, heart-warming friendship that's very rarely depicted between men on television. I suppose I should be used to the casting changes by now, but I'm really going to miss Paul. Also, it's really poor story telling to get rid of someone who's been there from the start without even a mention. Though I should probably be used to that by now as well. I'm thrilled that Christian Clemenson has been added to the regular cast. I'm less than thrilled with the addition of John Laroquette who I've never found to be particularly funny and certainly not as funny as Rene Auberjonois. Not sure about Saffron Burrows yet.


Bionic Woman-I suppose it's ok. It hasn't really grabbed me yet, but neither has it put me off. I'm still in a 'wait and see' mode for this one. Though if they don't resolve this whole 'bionic psycho-bitch' plotline by the end of the season I doubt I'd return next year.

Pushing Daisies-I have a feeling this is Bryan Fuller's next 13-episode DVD box set. That said, there's already a place of honor reserved for it right next to my Wonderfalls DVDs. Lee Pace is utterly charming. And what can I say about Kristin Chenoweth except that I love her? I'll stick with this one until it gets cancelled.

Dirty Sexy Money-I watched one episode of this against my will last night and hope to never ever see another one.

I've recorded the first two episodes of Life but haven't watched them yet.


Ugly Betty-One episode in and I'm still loving it. I figured out the Santos thing about ten minutes in. The new development with Alexis has good comic potential and Claire Meade continues to be on of my favorite characters. I really hope they bring Ignacio home soon. His family needs him.


Flash Gordon-I am loving this show for entirely shallow reasons.

Numb3rs-Good strong season opener.

I'm also planning to check out Women's Murder Club this week.


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