This is not a con report.

There's something that happens at the end of every Escapade that (in my own con-going experience) seems to be unique to that particular con. After the dead dog panel most of the people who are driving tend to hit the road, or at least head off for one last dinner with friends before hitting the road. The portion of the membership that remains tends to head to the consuite which remains open well into the evening (itself a phenomenon I've not observed at many other cons). Since I always take the redeye out on Sunday night this is what I do until it's time to head for the airport. You'd think the conversations that take place during this time would be much the same as the ones that have gone on all weekend. But there's something different about them. The mood is more subdued, and everybody is just a bit more mellow (likely a combination of exhaustion and that little ping of sadness you get that the con is over). It always seems to me to be a special time for remembering cons past, telling old stories, (there's always at least one story about the comical mash ups that have been had over the years with other groups holding functions at the hotel), remembering other fans who aren't there for whatever reason, I guess just reminiscing. It's something I look forward to every year. It may even be my favorite part of the con. It's this wonderful time to bask in the warmth of our friends, and to enjoy our shared history as fans.

There was a lot of talk this year about fanish history. And it occured to me as I sat in the consuite this past Sunday that despite all our web savvy and our love of the written word, the history of fandom really is an oral history. Stories get passed from fan to fan, hell some stories become legend told and retold at cons by people who were never there. There was a lot of talk about the OTW and their attempts to preserve fanish history. I think that's a worthy goal. I don't want to get into whether or not they're the ones to do it. That's not what this entry is about. But I think someone has to. So much has been lost already. So much has been obscured by time. It's amazing to me that we have this shared history. Because this thing we have? Fandom. It's my community. It's my tribe. I want it to grow and continue. And I think an important part of that is knowing where we've been.


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